Floater Golf Balls

Aqua Greens offers one of the best 2-piece floater golf balls available.  The dimpled Surlyn™ cover is cut-proof and algae resistant.  Our floater ball is the choice for several driving ranges in the “Top-100 Ranges in the US,” by the Golf Range Association of America.  Our floater ball is one of the heaviest floater balls available, offering a smooth hit off the T, and a straight and steady flight path.  Our floater ball can be hit over 300 yards without warping, splitting or cracking.


Floater Golf Ball Containment Systems

Floating ball containment systems are constructed can be customized for your application. Please contact us for an estimate.

Large Containment Systems

Our containment systems are specifically for use on aggressive waterways where wave activity and severe weather demand a higher performance system.


Environmentally Friendly Golf Balls

Our “Eco-Friendly” golf balls dissolve in water, causing no harm to the environment. Made of non-toxic materials, it is completely safe to hit into the pond, lake, or ocean! They are perfect to use at the family lake house, camp grounds, driving ranges, and even off of a cruise ship.





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