Jumers Casino

Aqua Greens built a Spade-shaped island green at the Jumers Casino & Hotel aqua driving range in Rock Island, IL.

The custom 30′ x 22′ spade shaped floating Island Green, designed, built and installed by Aqua Greens, features two sand bunkers. The green is positioned 65 yards from the tee boxes. Floating yardage marker targets are placed at 125 and 175 yards. Aqua Greens provided detailed visualization images of the green to Jumers during the design process, including views of the proposed Aqua Range with a complete suit of Island Greens. Visualization images were created using 3D CAD models of the greens, rendered out then inserted into location images. When the spade green’s final design was approved, blueprints were made from the CAD models for fabrication. Once the installation was complete, Aqua Greens provided futher visualizations of the range featuring Island Greens in the style of the 3 remaining suits shown with the actual spade shaped green, at various yardages.

The Aqua Greens team worked through 90 degree heat to stay ahead of severe thunderstorm warnings and get the green done on-time. Local news station WQAD Channel 8 sent a reporter to cover the opening of the Aqua Range. Their coverage of the event can be viewed here.

Please visit the Jumers Casino Aqua Golf Range page, or the Jumers Facebook page to learn more.

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