Red Bull Off Course – 2012 X Games

For Red Bull’s 2012 Off Course event, Aqua Greens packed up and headed for the west coast – and they just weren’t going for the weather.

Working together with ESPN and Red Bull, Aqua Greens was contracted to build a X Games themed bunker inside the infamous Mega Ramp, which is used during the X Games for skateboarding and BMX.

On June 27th, Fowler climbed atop the Mega Ramp. Standing over 90 feet in the air, Fowler took aim towards the bunker – about 95 feet away – with the Staples Center and Nokia Theater as the backdrop. With a temporary launching pad, and Red Bull can in hand, Fowler chipped golf balls towards the pin, with a few landing within a few feet. Fowler also jokingly putted a few balls down the ramp with his putter, which landed short of the gap. Fowler added: “It’s tough, we got a little bit of a drop here…we’re a few stories up. I think once we get the distance down, the lines shouldn’t be too big of an issue”

Please visit Red Bull’s X Games Promotional Page to learn more. You can watch video from the event below.

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