Red Bull Off-Course event in Dallas, TX

Aqua Greens designed and built a custom green shaped like the state of Texas for Red Bull’s Off-Course event held in Victory Plaza in Dallas, Texas.

The green was approximately 60′ long by 58′ wide and included sand traps around the outline of the state, and a large water hazard pool. PGA Golfer Ricky Fowler and fellow pro golfer Colt Knost hit to the green from several locations. The final round had them taking blind shots from a distance of 140+ yards in gusting winds, on the third floor of an adjacent parking garage.

“I have done some crazy stuff with Red Bull, but this is by far the craziest,” said Fowler. “I got some good wedge practice in today. I won’t see a harder shot in the tourney this week at Colonial. “

The event served as a warm-up to sharpen Fowler’s and Knost’s games as they prepare to play the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial Country Club. It was a big success for Red Bull and drew a large turnout.

Please visit Red Bull’s Off-Course Promotional Page to learn more. You can watch video from the event below.

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