Custom Golf Tees

Aqua Greens offers one of the most unique rental items available anywhere, perfect for special events, product introductions and corporate promotions. This is the giant tee driving platform, first used by Red Bull for their Boardwalk Drive event at Revel Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The tee is 10′ high, and has a 12′ diameter top surface,  with guardrails on the back half with an opening between for ladder or stair access.The tee’s exterior skin wrap can be customized with your company logo or any kind of image, or banners can be made to hang on it or the guardrails. Aqua Greens can provide walkways and ladders or stairs for access to the top if needed, and the entire green is mounted on a height adjustable frame, allowing it to be used in locations where the ground is uneven. The tee is built in sections small enough to be taken through a standard door, and assembled on site. Engineering specifications and scale drawings of the tee are available when planning usage and locations.

The tee can also be reconfigured with additional structure and a new skin wrap. This allows it to appear as a giant can to promote drinks, food products or automotive products such as oil cans, and it can also be wrapped in a skin with a tire tread pattern, and the top can be painted or covered in a print to have the tee appear to be a stack of tires. Curved or straight background elements can be added as well to create the appearance of a large 3D object such as a beverage bottle or tall can, spark plug, trophy or whatever would best suit your event or promotion. Please view some example images in the gallery, both of the tee in use during the Boardwalk Drive event and rendered into photos to demonstrate other concept ideas. Background images are used as examples of the visualization process only. Contact us today to learn how this unique and exciting product can make your event a success.

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