Island Greens

Aqua Greens offers floating island greens that look and play like a green on the golf course.  Bunkers, artificial vegetation and custom shapes are available.  Watch the performance of our turf in the following video of Rickie Fowler landing a hole-in-one on our island green in Georgetown: Rickie Fowler’s Urban Hole in One 

Aqua Green’s floating Island Greens have been used to create full scale driving ranges at lakes and ponds. This enables the owners to maximize the return on their property, while offering a first-class golfing experience to their guests. Our island greens have been used at casinos, bars, restaurants, car dealerships, and for corporate marketing and branding events. Please visit our Corporate Branding page for examples.

Aqua Greens designs each Island Green to meet the needs of the client. Every location we work with is unique. We work closely with our clientele to provide Island Greens that meet their needs.  Infinite shapes and sizes are possible, as well as artificial vegetation and sand bunkers.  The design and engineering process to create your island green is handled directly by Aqua Greens. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Aqua Greens offers complete support for all types of custom projects. We have a full line of accessories, from floating golf balls to purpose-built floating ball containment systems.


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