Yardage Markers

Yardage Markers manufactured by Aqua Greens are a durable and reliable, entry level option for an aqua range.  Yardage Markers can be anchored into stationary positions on the aqua range to provide the golfer with instant accuracy feedback.   Available in 3’, 5’ or 8’ diameters, the circular shape of our Yardage Markers is simple, classy, and affordable.  The top surface is UV resistant turf, the sidewalls are either cedar wood or synthetic stone, and they come with either a 5′ or a 7.5’ flag stick and flag.  Numerous Yardage Markers can be used to lay out an entire aqua range, or they can be used to provide support to an aqua range using larger Target Greens and Island Greens.

Logo’s and advertisements can be stenciled onto the turf of any of our products.  To learn more about creating a branded Yardage Marker, Target Green or Island Green, please visit our Corporate Branding page. To see an example of a green with a custom logo in use please visit our Dick’s Sporting Goods Open page in Rentals.

Aqua Greens offers complete support for all types of custom projects. If you are looking for a unique green to use in a corporate promotion, fundraiser or to create publicity, Aqua Greens can create a one-of-a-kind custom product that will impress your clients and entertain your guests. Please visit our Corporate Branding page for examples. In addition to assistance with the design and engineering process, we also offer a full line of accessories, from floating golf balls to floater ball containment systems.



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